School’s Out

In the last semester of my graduate work at the University of Maryland, I took Trevor Owen’s class on Digital Public History. I had been frustrated that Maryland’s library science program unhealthily favored paper over project deliverables, and when I read that requirements for the class included creating a digital project and regularly blogging, I jumped on it ravenously.

It was one of the best decisions I made as a graduate student, but seeing as how our class consisted of only 8 people, it is my duty to shamelessly plug it here. If you are a graduate student at the University of Maryland or American University TAKE THIS CLASS.  If you’re a grad student that wants coursework to help them get a job, TAKE THIS CLASS. If you like mutton chop sideburns, TAKE THIS CLASS. Here’s the course website, syllabus, etc.

But I digress-

My digital project was creating a user-driven oral history archive for my hometown in Middlesex County, Virginia. To read about the evolution of the project, check out my reflection post on the class website.

Now that school’s out for good, the future is wide open. My tasks for the summer are to (1) schedule talks to promote the site to county residents, (2) trouble-shoot why staff video submissions aren’t working, (3) promote through the county paper and facebook page, and (4) get and process the remaining oral histories from SPOHP.


I’m determined to continue my momentum even in this post-graduate haze. My strategy (if you can’t already tell) is to publish deadlines and goals publicly, but to remain flexible about what this project may become. I’m interested to see what feedback I get from community residents after this promotional phase.


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