5 Beginner’s Resources for A/V Preservation

So you need to learn about A/V preservation? Here’s 5 free resources that were a lifesaver for me:

ONE: Material from UCLA Library Special Collections [Image Gallery]


Identify what you have.

TWO: NEA REPS and SCoSAA present: Audio/Visual Workshop [Video Presentation]


Accessible overview of an archive’s preservation workflow and tips on how to spot the rot.

THREE: Digitization of the Videotape Collections of the State Academy of Fine Arts- Stuttgart Archive [White Paper]


It is SO HARD to find published workflows!! This was gold, and it even had equipment specifications.

FOUR: A/V Artifact Atlas [Wiki]


For troubleshooting weird audio and video signal problems.

FIVE: AVPreserve Website [Website]

There are A LOT of resources here, so it's best if you approach with a clear need in mind/ educational goal. The tools page is off the chain

All the things, so pace yourself.

Hope this was helpful! Please post any other valuable finds in the comment section below.


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