Co-Hosting a Datathon at the Library of Congress and what I do now

In early Mary, I finished my NDSR residency project with the Memory Lab and began work at the Library of Congress with the National Digital Initiatives division. I was here before, in 2012, where I did two internship stints in the ISSN Division and Manuscript Division, learning cataloging and archival processing. My time here was what convinced me to get my Library degree.



Buckle up.

It’s different now. The responsibilities are greater, but the impact is as well, and everything seems fat with possibility in a brand spankin’ new division, with a brand spankin’ new lady boss on the way.

One of the first things I got to do in this new position was help host a hackathon called Archives Unleashed 2.0 having (1) never hosted anything at the LoC before and having (2) never been involved in a hackathon. I also got to meet Vint Cerf, but hey, NBD.

You can check out this storify about the event and adjoining Save the Web symposium.

If you’re interested in doing one, check out my post on The Signal, “Co-hosting a Datathon at the Library of Congress”.

What’s next for this nascent?

I think it will be rare, going forward, to have the same, thematically focused posts I’ve had in the past just by the nature of my fellowship ending. I’ve been learning a lot about the digital humanities this past month in preparation for a symposium at the Library of Congress (stay tuned), so I’ll probably be posting on that. I’m also still very interested in personal archiving and continue to follow its development, so that’ll be sprinkled in here as well. Also- as I’m sure you’re aware- the world’s been particularly insane lately, and I’ve been just as preoccupied with topics like racism, sexism, ageism, professionalism, and self-care, to name a few. It seems inevitable that these topics may make their way in  to what I know has been before a strictly professional blog. I will do my best to work out a category and tagging system that will help you navigate around the hodge-podge to what you came here for in the first place.